Friday, April 13, 2012

Emma Zammit - Are You Finished With That? April 8, 2012

Trades Hall, until April 22, 2012

Reviewed by Joe Calleri

Published in Herald Sun online April 08, 2012 10:50AM

Stars: ½

Unfortunately, Emma Zammit runs out of comedic puff early on in the piece.

THE fake Today Tonight segment that opens Emma Zammit’s 45-minute stand-up routine informs us that this attractive, curvy, 30-year old brunette is addicted to and has a destructive and abusive relationship with food.

She later confesses to being an emotional eater. Not a pleasant topic to listen to on Good Friday night at Trades Hall, but certainly one that in skilled hands should provide plenty of comedic mileage.

Alas for Zammit, she runs out of comedic puff pretty early in this piece. Yet again, here is a comedian believing they possess the requisite skill and material to hold an audience’s attention for longer than 10 minutes.

Her gossamer-thin routine, delivered unfortunately in a dull monotone and with a distinct lack of on-stage animation, lurches from discussing her and her family’s various food peccadilloes to joking about Zumba classes, to a silly audience participation quiz game that is the lazy, unimaginative comedian’s equivalent of that cheap, plastic, toy water pistol you use as a Christmas stocking filler just because you can’t be bothered giving anything more useful or appropriate.

Emma: Audiences deserve to be served the very best filet mignon, not Maccas with fries!

Stars: ½

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